Amazona Dressage - Premium line

The Amazona Dressage is a full-blooded dressage saddle featuring a continuous, cut-back saddle flap which enables the stirrup leathers to go over or under the flap. It enables horses with a particularly baroque build and those with a high degree of shoulder action to move freely and without constriction. FN approved.

Type: Dressage saddle
Saddle tree: Individually adjustable
Seat shape: Deep, soft seat with AMAZONA design
Knee rolls: Banana rolls, selection of 4 additional rolls
Girthing: Moveable V girthing with fore girth, long girth straps
Weight: 7 kg
Seat size: 16,5 19
Colors: Black, Moro, special colors available on request


Continuous, cut-back saddle flap; stirrup leathers can be attached over or under the flap.

Including on-site saddle fitting, SECUSAD system (SECUSAD), short girth and dressage girth.

Recommended retail price (Germany inkl. 19% Mwst.): 2,250.00