The Vaquero Breitschaft saddle is ideally suited to long-distance and endurance riding. Due to its deep seat it is equally applicable to dressage work. A supportive comfort panel unique to Iberosattel distributes the rider’s weight evenly on the horse‘s back while at the same time promoting finest aids. The Vaquero Breitschaft incorporates many of the insights and experiences of the well-known horse trainer Bruno Breitschaft (Bruno Breitschaft) — always with the aim of creating a saddle that provides maximum comfort for horse and rider.

Type: Work / Cross-country / Dressage saddle
Saddle tree: Tree width adjustable to 39 cm
Seat shape: Deep, soft seat, AMAZONA design
Knee rolls: Narrow leg pads
Girthing: Moveable V girthing with fore girth, long girth straps
Weight: 8 kg
Seat size: 16.5 – 19“
Colors: Black, Moro, special colors available on request


Continuous Iberosattel Comfort panel, optimum weight distribution, well suited for horses with a distinctly Baroque build, no bolsters, developed in close co-operation with Bruno Breitschaft; can be decorated with individually styled ornaments.

Including on-site saddle fitting, SECUSAD system (SECUSAD), short girth and dressage girth.

Recommended retail price (Germany inkl. 19% Mwst):
 2,850.00 €