Dressage Andaluz - Premium line

The Dressage Andaluz has not only an elegant and unusual looks. He impresses with his form and is characterized by its deep dressage seat ideal for riders to sit still closer to the horse. His pommels beneath the continuous sheet saddle provide content and provide an accurate position of the legs. This saddle, thus ensuring direct action and finest Hilfengebung and is also suitable for small jumps very well.

Type of saddle: Dressage
Saddle tree: plastic, with adjustable gullet, Comfort Edition
Seat shape: deep, soft seat dressage with Amazonalösung
Pausch form: 4 different rolls velcro rolls, possible
Harness: adjustable V-belting with Vorgurtstrippe long stripping
Weight: 6 kg
Seat sizes: 16.5 to 19
Colors: black, moro, special colors on request
Leather: leather


Continuous and cut back saddle flap, below the saddle pommels sheet. Available with Velcro rolls and Amazonalösung 2.0.

Including on-site saddle fitting, SECUSAD system (SECUSAD), short girth and dressage girth.

Recommended retail price (Germany inkl. 19 % MwSt.):
 2,790.00 €

Introductory price until July 2012: 2.650,00 €