About Iberosattel

The Beginnings

Iberosattel was founded 12 years ago at the private stud farm Möningerberg (www.andalusier.biz) in Bavaria / Germany. For 17 years our farm has been dedicated to the breeding of the Pura Raza Espaňola (PRE). On average, it is home to circa 30 PRE Andalusians. 90 percent of our riding horses are studs and have to equipped with perfectly fitting saddles.

The first saddles we used were of a purely Spanish design. Practice showed, however, that these saddles have a number of drawbacks. In particular, this concerns the reflocking of the saddles, which is very difficult, as well as their general adjustment, i.e. the possibility to adapt them to a specific horse's back. This was partly due to the fact that Spanish saddles do not provide for an adjustment of chamber width, partly to the lack of expertise regarding this saddle type which was not commonly used in Germany. Nevertheless we were thrilled by its extra broad panel, extremely comfortable seating position and authentic looks.

From Concept to Realization

For classical dressage work with its precise and subtle aids we needed a saddle with a high degree of responsiveness, resulting in our Ibero model. Furthermore we had noticed very early on that a two-piece saddle flap can lead to skin abrasions on the inner thigh and is therefore rather a nuisance than a help for riders. As a consequence of this, the Ibero line was equipped with a continuous saddle flap.

The Result

Shortly after these innovations we developed our popular Amazona solution and the Secusad system featuring an innovative transponder chip embedded into the saddle tree. Today our portfolio comprises 8 saddle lines, covering a wide range from classical dressage saddles to general purpose models for cross-country and leisure riding, plus several patents and registered designs as well as a variety of exciting new ideas for the future of equestrian sports.

One example for this is the Comfort panel brought to market in 2008. It covers the whole back of the horse, ensuring an even distribution of the rider’s weight over a maximum surface (without bolsters), and is especially beneficial for broadly built horses and those with an extra sensitive back. As with all saddles by Iberosattel the Comfort panel can be individually adjusted anytime you want or need to. In 2008 the German equestrian magazine "Mein Pferd" awarded it with the "Mein Pferd" Quality Seal.

The following saddles are equipped with a Comfort panel:

•               Vaquero Breitschaft

•               Dressage Comfort

•               Ibero Amazona Comfort

We are confident that by closely watching and listening we will continue to be one of the most innovative saddle providers in the market.

Your Iberosattel team