The chamber width of all our saddle trees can be adjusted in the finished saddle without having to dismantle it. That is, your saddle can grow along with your horse.

At Iberosattel we place great importance on perfectly matching parts and components. To ensure this you are invited to participate in the design of your saddle. Our Premium Line is made to your specifications after your order has been received:

  • with a shorter saddle flap
  • with a longer saddle flap
  • with your choice of knee blocks
  • with a label bearing your name
  • with a second saddle flap and decorations
  • with embossing (e.g. on the saddle flap)
  • without any ornaments
  • with your name on the cantle
  • in two different colors
  • made from suede leather
  • with sparkling rhinestones
  • with colored piping
  • in special colors
  • using white/black or mocha-colored sheepskin with leather inserts