The Premium Line is exclusively manufactured by the German company Sommer. It is characterized by exceptionally fine leathers and superb craftsmanship. Our halters, saddlecloths and sheepskin covers are also manufactured in Germany guaranteeing highest standards of quality, comfort and durability as well as security and functionality. Iberosattel — that's products “Made in Germany”!


AMAZONA stands for a revolutionary advancement in the field of saddle tree development. Since saddlery has traditionally been a male domain, the requirements of the female anatomy were not taken into account when configuring modern saddle trees. Here is where we came in: In places where saddles used to pinch and tweak the saddle tree was milled, and by re-cutting the leather of the saddle seat a slight recess was created that enables female riders a much more relaxed sitting position. In 2008 we expanded our standard AMAZONA solution by a foam backed, closed model that is equally comfortable but invisible to the eye.

If you would like to know more about the AMAZONA feature we will be happy to advise you personally.


All our saddles are equipped with a state-of-the-art security system consisting of a transponder chip that is embedded during the manufacturing process and cannot be manipulated later on. The chip contains an identification number that is handed over to you when you buy one of our saddles. Should your saddle fall into the wrong hands we can easily identify it with the help of a special scanner. The transponder itself emits no radiation, requires no batteries and is resistant to environmental influences (e.g. humidity).

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