Our innovative baroque and leisure saddles are not only a perfect fit for broad and strong-bodied horses but also a viable solution for all other horse types.

Our latest developments in saddle design are focused on broad panels and ample clearance over the shoulder and kidney areas (square type). This allows for comparatively short saddles without sacrificing comfort. By using specially cut saddle flaps the shoulder area is kept free from the pressure applied by the saddle pad and the rider’s weight – an important criterion for good knee action.

Special breeds like Andalusians (PRE), Friesians, Arabian horses, Lusitanos, Knabstrupper etc. inherently need a saddle with these characteristics, but many others like Haflingers, Tinkers and pony breeds can also benefit from our design. With saddles made by Iberosattel every horse can move more freely.

Perfectly fitting saddles made for demanding leisure riding.